These impressive nuggets sport threads of rust-colored pistils, limey calyxes, and brilliant ivory-toned trichomes. The bouquet is earthy cedar wood with sweet floral undertones. Annihilator is an effective natural alternative for treating: anxiety, chronic pain, inflammation, and insomnia. It may also function as an antipyretic and anti-acetylcholine agent. Annihilator tested at 13% THC and 8% CBD. Annihilator has an almost narcotic effect, which is ideal for pain relief. Choose this strain in the evening before bed, or to release stress.
spasmodic, inflammatory, annihilator, cedar, sweet floral, bed, indica, insomnia, acetylcholine, antipyretic, pain


Annihilator Kush is a ruler among half breeds, conveying capable daze like impacts with a natural, skunky fragrance.
THC – 23%