Smoke.. Blue Dream

Blue Dream

Blue Dream has quickly become one of the most sought after strains in the world. This powerhouse strain produces large yields with THC ranging from 20-25% when grown indoors. Blue Dream is perfect for those looking for an upper sativa high for a day-time smoke.

Although many dispensary menus list Blue Dream as a pure Sativa strain, it is a actually hybrid strain that is sativa dominant.To be more precise, Blue Dream represents a combination of Sativa Haze and Blueberry Indica. When smoking Blue Dream users can expect a complete relaxation of the body with an upper effect. In addition, users will also notice that their brain is reenergized, proactive, and creative. Many users say Blue Dream is the perfect daytime smoke.

Thanks to the presence of Blueberry, this strain has sweet, pleasant scent which is how we can describe its effects too. Instead the strong sedative properties and powerful euphoria, Blue Dream gives mild sedative effects and pain relief. Blue Dream is especially popular among people dealing with depression, pain, nausea and other similar health issues that need high THC strain treatment. It is good to point out that consumers will feel the effects instantaneously.

Many people prefer hybrid strains like this one because it allows them to enjoy the positive effects of two different strains. Of course, there are different phenotypes which mean that there is a slightly wider range of effects that Blue Dream provides.

Blue Dream is one of the favorite strains among different categories of patients and the long-lasting effects that can be felt throughout the body make consumers use this strain on a regular basis.

Users Reported the Following Effects from Blue Dream:

  • Happy 97%
  • Relaxed 87%
  • Uplifted 77%
  • Euphoric 73%
  • Creative 67%

Medical Benifits


Stress Relief


Depression Relief


Pain Relief


Headache Relief

Strain Information

Genetics: Blueberry X Haze

Flowering Time: 58- 68 Days

Sativa Dominant

Large yields up to 430 grams / m2

Stretchy plants suitable for SOG